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    About us

    iFreeStudion Limited, is a new but experienced mobile games publisher with extensive knowledge of marketing, product development and management, and well developed business network.

    From our own humble beginnings, we have always strived to understand the needs of independent developers and support them in a way that they simply could not do on their own, whether that is from lack of resources or experience of publishing mobile games.

    With a proven track record of international best sellers and positive feedback from satisfied developers, we feel that we are only getting better and better at helping developers do what they do best- making great games.

    Global Reach

    Our distribution network spans across every continent, giving your games a chance to reach the widest audience possible.

    Experienced Production Team

    We aim to publish only the best games possible. With our veteran team of producers, we can assist you in taking your game from great to incredible.

    Multiple Platform Relationships

    We work hand-in-hand with all major platform providers, raising awareness for your titles at the most professional level.

    Live Operations Support

    Developing a game is a lot of work, leaving you with little to no time and resources to effectively promote your games. Our experienced team of veterans can help your game get the attention it deserves.